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P    A    C    E    S

Pakistani Americans Cultural & Educational Society


The Mutual Educational and Cultural Act of 1961 enables the Government of the United States to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of Educational and Cultural Exchange; to strengthen the ties which unite US with other nations.

PACES - Pakistani Americans Cultural and Educational Society have the same objectives as outlined in the above act.  PACES assists in the development of friendly and peaceful relations between the United States and Pakistan by fostering mutual understanding through its projects/activities.  

Before discussing the role of PACES for improving relationship between Pakistan and USA, we will briefly see the situation of both countries:

Pakistan is a developing country. Its population is about 182 millions which is increasing very fast. The population growth in Pakistan is highest in the region. The limitation of financial resources, poor appreciations of educational priorities, inadequate delivery system, and population pressure have never allowed a full expression of the desired expansion and development of education in the country. The share of education in GDP is less than 3 %. The literacy rate in the country is less than 50 %. The women participation in education is minimal. The policy on the medium of instruction has vacillated. The curricula have not kept pace with the advancement of knowledge. The children of poor peoples and rural areas have been ignored. Pakistan has not been able to provide health facilities to one forth of its population so far. Due to high population growth, health sector also facing problems of inadequate funding, manpower imbalances, corruption, and inadequate primary health care units particularly in rural areas. Pakistan remains a low-income country but has the potential to develop into a prosperous, moderate and democratic state.   


United States is a developed and powerful country of the world which helps other countries in promoting democracy, human rights, economic development, education and other social sectors. US- Pakistan relationship has its root in the cold war era and South Asia regional politics of the 1950s. Total US economic and military assistance to Pakistan from 1947-2004 was nearly $ 15 billion. In June 2003 USA established a five year package of $ 3 billion for Pakistan which also include assistance for the development of education. Later on United States had approved another aid package for Pakistan, known as Kerry-Lugar bill - $1.5 billion annually for the next five years. There are also other aid packages which have been offered to Pakistan for development.





Pakistani people living in the United States have their strong relations with their home country and every positive or negative move in Pakistan effects them. They have emotional and religious attachments. There is a saying “mother and motherland are better than heaven” so their feelings and attachments are quite natural. Pakistan provided them education and enabled them to come to this country; therefore it is their moral duty to support Pakistan and the best way to support is to improve and strengthen its education sector. Why education? Because we believe that education is the only tool with which any positive change could be possible. Pakistani institutions have not been established properly as yet. Political system could not stream line, corruption could not minimize,  economic development could not pick up the pace, poor peoples could not get their share, rural areas are discriminated, federalism still rooted deeply, country has heavy loans to be paid, and  Pakistan could not get respect in international forums. All that can be achieved through proper education which will create awareness among the peoples of Pakistan and lead them to progress and prosperity.


PACES is working for the development of education. It has conceived many educational projects including academic linkages between Pakistani and American universities (please see the objectives of PACES). Pakistani Americans are requested to please participate in its activities and give generous donations to develop and improve its programs.